One of the most active Slovak turntablists released on December 1 2015, after 13 years in the game, his solo album. The previous EP with Biomat, two compilations of Audio Graffiti and a great number of feats is now being changed for the best one. Mostly instrumental release is featured only by one guest on the mike (Prezident Lourajder) and few “beat generation” members (Gruzo, Karaoke Tundra, Pkrek, Ujko).

In digital form you can download this album 3ck – Spontaneous on this page for free or you can make a donation. There is a countless number of distribution channels, through which the album spreads to the world. It depends on your preference: whether Spotify, Deezer, Google Play … or  iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon… or you just listen to Youtube while working.

We decided to cancel the formerly announced vinyl due to the insufficient quality of sound on the tested vinyl. The choice fell on the proven technology of press. The limited edition pf 100 pcs where the first 40 will be signed and numbered. The graphic design of the cover was made by Biomat and the premium sound of the vinyl, as always,  was mastered by Gaex.

Currently we are waiting for the confirmation when the asphalts will be exactly made. We estimate sending them in the end of February at the latest. You can order your original only via bandcamp for now and you can pay via Paypal. Later, as our other products, they will be available in ArtAttack Shop.