Gladia Moony is a four member synth-pop band from Bratislava. The musicians put into this brand new project a wide range of skills. Their debut Black Sugar EP will be released at the beginning of September on ajlavmjuzik label. Before that you can taste their single with the same name.

This EP is a blend of vibrant electronic music with many-faceted sound design and the finest English vocals. What the members share in their work is a futuristic vision, a discovering of new sounds, possibilities and instruments as well as technologies.

The forerunner of Gladia Moony was a short-existing project Núku with members: Alex Lukáčová (vocals), Adam Dekan (synths) a Martin Madro (drums). After releasing their debut album Krútňava, the band has performed on various Slovak shows including Pohoda festival or a secret series of concerts Sofar Sounds. Within the time there has been certain changes in the band.

A brand new band Gladia Moony is here with a more playful form of their previous work enriched by Martin Kosorín (bass/synths), who is also known from Bratislava project Zoo And Aquarium. Kosorín is a big fan of techno-experimental music scene and is also famous for collaboration with various independent theaters. As an innovative musician he interconnects music and dance with improvisation.

Alex Lukáčová (vocals) had started as a percussionist and bass guitarist in different music projects on a local scene. In Núku she stepped up to the mike and at the beginning of 2018 collaborated with Slovak composer Alapastel on his album Hidden For The Eyes, which was released on London label Slowcraft Records. Her singing performance was noticed by international blogs such as xlr8r or British experimental Fluid Radio.

Martin Madro (drums) has been playing on percussions and drums for 16 years. Besides Gladia Moony he is a member of the bands Sine Ray (nujazz) and Slovak Tea (lyric pop). He’s been performing with various Slovak jazzmen such as Gabo Jonáš, Radovan Tariška, ale aj Andrej Šeban, Dorota Nvotová, Mária Čírová, či Dalibor Kocián (Stroon).

The last but not least member of the group is Adam Dekan (synth), famous for his trip-hop ambient project Nourish My Fame which together with album Nauta (2005) were greatly received by the critics. He also performed on numerous national and international festivals. In 2012 he was at the birth of an experimental project Triple Sun. Besides that he was a part of other bands and projects, featured some vocal and electronic albums and took part at various movie and theater projects. As a musician he regularly performs in Berlin.