Another vinyl creation is in da house. Pkrek from Myjava has recently released his new project + – featuring: Jerguš Oravec and Tammy (The Youniverse), Barbora Bloom, Monika Načeva, Gulos Potrok, Reset and Tom “Skywalker”.

This 100 pcs low budget limited edition of black gold has also an extra sound elaborated by Gaex. The artwork concept and graphic design belongs to MtotheG who invited Klaudia Racenbergerová to help him out. She has worked as an intern in Atom. She was “molding” the new logo so it could serve as a universal label of vinyls. Bratislava artist Tomáš Gažovič a.k.a SKC took care of the calligraphy of the title Pkrek.

You can listen to + – on all relevant music platforms: iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Bandcamp, Amazon, Youtube, etc. or visit our section RELEASES, where you can download it for free. Enjoy undisturbed listening.

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