#mameradost (we are happy) about the nomination for the Czech Awards Anděl for the Best video of 2018. One year after the release of the album Průvan v hlavě by trio Načeva – Five – Tentato, a video clip came out in an untraditional way. Spectators of the TV program Sama doma (Home Alone) were witnessed without warning how Monika “in live show” is falling apart to the surprise of the hosts and the whole staff. The second part of the video’s story continues at one of the spectator Ventolin’s house. He took role as the engineer Třetina. His name has been chosen by the authors according to the information that a third of the audience of Sama doma are men. The idea of a video clip was brought by Petr Marek, frontman of the MIDI LIDI group and director of movies “Láska shora” or “Nic proti ničemu”.

“I wished the seriousness of the song Technický já and the Průvan v hlavě album were balanced by some fun, the more stupid the better.” Načeva.