After broadcasting of an episode from program Hudba made in Slovakia (Music made in Slovakia) with the band The Youniverse, Pkrek asked a singer Tammy to collaborate with him. She impressed him a lot and also asked her colleague Jerguš Oravec to join them. Finally they teamed up with bass guitar player Tom from the band Skywalker, who Pkrek met on VHS collectors webpage.

The project entitled +- will be released on March 31 on all current platforms. You can also buy in advance 100 vinyl edition. Besides Barbora Bloom with a video to song Sirens and musicians from today’s single The Youniverse + Tom (Skywalker), Pkrek also invited great guests such as Načeva and rapers Gulos and Reset.

Pkrek always makes his songs during “some key life events”. When he was starting with this project, he was angry about the current political situation, domestic affairs and relationships. That’s why he is trying to express his opinion thru music and indirectly thru mood and sounds. The guests must also keep the concept of album, that theme is: bounds and relationships among people. He also showed us his big passion – hardware synthesizers. All the sounds were created on machines that are for each project different.

1. Abject
2. Sirens + Barbora Bloom
3. Blossom
4. Kam? + Gulos Potrok + Načeva
5. Bloody heat
6. Outcry
7. Sám proti noci + Reset
8. U lyin’ + The Youniverse + Tom (Skywalker)
9. Abandon

“Somebody can think of my collaborations that I’m missing ideas… (This happens as well). This is a little bit a lone man’s hobby. That’s why I enjoy inviting different people so we work on it together and I feel like I’m a part of something. I always try to come with a theme and vision, not only here you have the music so write or play something.”

U LYIN’ (lyrics)
Hold up motherfucker

tryina get up on my good side, silly brother
Tryin’a slide it by, one another
Actin like we couldn’t wouldn’t pull on this together

Hold up, motherfucker

Spittin’ stupid shit around, in the clutter
tryin’a drag me around in the gutter
I don’t nead your seasoned reasons
I don’t need your stutter

Hold up, motherfucker

You thought you had me at hello
you shoulda known me better
You and I were like silk and leather
I’d be the same in rain or shine it must’ve been the weather

Hold up, motherfucker
Hold up, motherfucker
Hold up, motherfucker
Hold up motherfucker

U lyin’