In addition to songs Prečo prečo and Čas we are introducing to you a new song from coming album Protisvit by one member project Nightlines. Ela Tolstova of the band Tolstoys features on this track. The chorus was recored in Lososound studio at Erik Horak’s, however the entire album was mixed and mastered by eminent Slovak sound designer Adam Dekan of the band Núku. Catchy cover of the album Protisvit was created by a talented student of VŠVU Katarína Knežníková. It will be digitally released on September 4 2017 as ajlavmjuzik release number 39.

Nightlines a.k.a Domink Kopcsay is a 23 year old electronic music producer and singer from Bratislava. Under the name Nightlines you can find  diverse electronic productions with singing and Slovak lyrics. The production is characterized by work with samples of string and wind instruments, piano and some guitar tunes. Nightlines also performs live with pianist Eva Tunova.

The original idea of the project Nightlines has its roots in Dominik’s childhood:

 “When I was 10 years old I started to play with music program FruityLoops (Today FL Studio) on my father’s laptop. In those times it was just a fun but when I was 15 it was more than that – The name Nightlines was born. After that I founded a band Mesial who we released an EP with. This also resonated in Radio FM, where it won a chart Osmička. The songs also sounded in English radio ALLFM and we also had some nice concerts with it.”

An interesting fact is that Dominik is also surrounded by classical music, which he studies at VŠMU and where he could premiere some of his own songs and won an award in international composing competition Generace. Recently he has contributed with a song to a new album of a prominent Slovak violinist Milan Paľa. He also backed up some of the movie projects.