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3ck – Spontaneous

3ck is one of the most active slovak turntablist. After 13 years “in the game” he did two compilations called Audio Graffiti, Biotrick EP with Biomat and he guested in countless songs of rappers & beatmakers. Current solo album he did with a help of few collaborators – mostly producers and only a single guest on microphone. All the tracks have a common denominator – demonstrate technical scratch skills of the artist and apply it to the musical sphere.

Album was released as digital and also limited 12″ record with artwork by Biomat.

01. Created from skratch
02. Feel the funk (prod. by Gruzo)
03. Jungle system
04. Poď! ft. Prezident Lourajder (prod. by Ujko aka Plou)
05. Found
06. Into the wild (prod. by Karaoke Tundra)
07. Let me tell you something
08. Clown’s funeral song
09. Plain terror ft. Pkrek
10. Grandiosity ft. Biomat
11. No one to play with
12. Self Q&A (loop by Paesano)
13. Hope