Lounge Life is a collection of songs which the author produced as a remedy for the body, mind and soul of the listener. It isn’t necessary to rush but, on the contrary enjoy the experience from listening. Only 18 minutes are suggesting an atmosphere of a never-ending trip. Or maybe you will enjoy the EP in a chill out mood. The music lets the listeners flow their fantasy and emotions to all directions.

Digestion from typical hiphop production was inevitable. Lounge Life EP will be released on October 22 2016 as ajlavmjuzik release number 36. The cover was created in a family atmosphere within the label when Bejči’s lomo photo was nicely enriched by MtotheG. He also acted in a cameo role in the video made by Štefan Kurilla. The song Delivery was boosted by Marián Jaslovský’s atmospehric saxophone.

“In my creative world there are two altering periods. The first one is when I need to work with artists, record to my beats and play with the voice recording. The second one is to make everything by myself with a complete freedom giving some space to my hidden music desires and visions. I have always wanted to produce music that will sound great, e.g when you are at home with legs on the table or when you are driving and nobody is disturbing you. I personally like this kind of music because it isn’t putting much pressure on me. I hope that Lounge Life will get you the same feelings.” Beyuz comments on his new release.

01. Wonderland
02. Cafeteria
03. Delivery
04. Girl with the diamond look
05. Bird song
06. Flashdance
07. Casino
08. Moonlight

beyuz cover
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