It’s been already two weeks the fans could watch the first video single from Beyuz’ new instrumental project. The principal song has become Delivery, which could show to the listeners how the EP will be. At this moment we are finishing the second audiovisual presentation for the single called Cafeteria.

Bejči’s passion coffee and chillout beats were transmitted into animated video by “multitalented dude” from Svätý Jur Jur. Tomáš Rybár aka Osem aka Sicknico aka 1/2 PEK crew, VJ, street art artist, is a visually capable human being. You can check his handwriting and awesome artwork on the webpage

Cafeteria is an overview of Beyuz’ music fantasy, which we will present on Saturday October 22.

Beyuz: I’m trying to go within the concept so each song will take the listener to different place with different atmosphere. However it still keeps the calm and space for fantasy. This is Lounge Life for me.”

All you need to know you can find on his webpage