We became part of an amazing project called Ostrov hudby. On the Slovak music scene this is a very rare phenomenon. Independent labels Slnko records, Gergaz, ajlavmjuzik, Deadred + agency Real Something got together and created a compilation full of famous names from the music scene.

Ajlavmjuzik is represented by: Biomat with a brand new song August opens the complete track list. Petijee introduced his single from upcoming album called Strawberries feat. Josephine. The duo Prezident Lourajder & Emil are also finishing their new EP (which is called EP) and the song Saturday morning is their first publicly introduced one. 3ck & Pkrek have already collaborated together couple of times and the song Below is their unheard new piece. Unlike Duan who decided to introduce his older song Sused in instrumental version. On the album Back to the future you can find feat. with Dj Spinhandz (Strapo). Enjoy the variety of productions.

The founder of GERGAZ Richard Čermák was the one who came up with the idea of a common compilation. “The idea occurred very spontaneously. The independent labels shouldn’t be about business and competition. We are a very small country and our objective should be a constant creation of space and support of music community. I realized that the best would be to continue in the message of Juraj Kušnierik and his ambition of connecting Slovak scene for one target. For a long time,  we had been thinking how we would show this compilation to the world. The breakthrough was when Shina brought to our attention newly created initiative LALA Slovak Music Export. The objective of this initiative is to create a concept of long-lasting support and presentation of Slovak scene abroad. That’s why we decided to release this compilation at a neutral territory.”

The graphics was done by designer Michal Rafaj. The content is 23 songs released in digital form. The representatives of the association LALA Slovak Music Export are planning to visit Hungary, Poland, Macedonia, Netherlands and Slovenia so the room for foreign production will be there for sure. You can listen to the songs, buy them or support them on musicexport.sk

  • http://facebook.com/ajlavmjuzik