It’s been exactly 4 years since album Blízke Stretnutie was released and today the producer of Myjava is releasing another one. The meaning of the title Ariesynth symbolizes a musical instrument dominating in the sound of eventual opus. The single Chlad is naturally dark as well as author’s entire work and the guests are also from “the same family”. The album Ariesynth will be released on the 21st of May 2016 as ajlavmjuzik release number 34. The cover was done by F.Radačovský and the sound was mastered in Dobroslav Štúdio.

1. Meow in the club feat. Tentato
2. Chlad feat. Prezident Lourajder, Načeva, 3ck
3. Star riders feat. Gruzo
4. Paralyzer feat. DjFlux
5. Synthymn
6. Timeless Journey feat. Moimir Papalescu
7. For a few coins feat. Ljut (Fatkit)
8. Leadership
9. We never die feat. Cabaret Noir Combo
10. The truth feat. Tru5tM3
11. Empty house

Foto by Tomáš Gál