The fifth episode of an open debate about music making and its creation processes called Just Playin’, took place on Wednesday February 24 in the ex TUTO spot next to the Stará Tržnica in Bratislava. The name and the spirit of the bar was changed to LAB. The current makeshift place will be soon open as HUB with a possibility to use 3D printers, milling cutters and other “toys”.

Our guests were: Dubas (Ty Nikdy), Metys (Gramo Rokkaz) and Grizzly (Neni Problem). All of them were talking about their experiences in beat making but for example Metys also gave us practical advice from the publisher’s point of view. Anyway most of the time they played songs that have never been heard before. If you are interested in this topic, the next episode of Just Playin’ will take place within the festival Fjužn on Wednesday April 27 in Berlinka – SNG – Esterházyho Palác. You will be able to enjoy Brenk Sinatra, Karaoke Tundra and FVLCRVM… after the talk each of the guests will play a set.

Thank you!

Video: Štefan Kurilla
Graphic design: Mili Vigerova
Photo: StančiPhoto