Amaze me is a name of the single from upcoming debut of one of the best “hip hop” producers in this part of the world. We can objectively see the influence of his sound on the work of other artists. Also we can’t deny his typical footprint of album Interview by Jihlava band Pio Squad, where a great number of music was produced by him. His last work was production of a song Čalantika by which Pio initiated a charity event for Indian children.

The single Amaze me is released together with a videoclip and remix EP where Aceman, Petijee, Stratasoul, Fvlcrvm a Andreas played an important role. It is not a coincidence that these representatives are from Slovakia. For the release of the album with the title Yesterday’s Tomorrow, which will come up ATTENTION! still this year, music labels Ty nikdy and ajlavmjuzik worked together…

Beat, Vocoder : DTonate
Keys: Jirka Vidasov
Production, editing, camera, hollywood : Ovar Maryško
Master : Gargle&Expel studio