Has been a DJ or so called turntablist since 2002. At the beginning he used to practice different techniques and later started organizing regular hip-hop parties called „Real deal“ in Shaka club in Púchov. He’s been creating his songs since 2009 when he released his first official track „Wholetrack“. Music was produced by master Pkrek from Myjava. This song was released on a first Slovak “scratch compilation” Audio Graffiti, which 3ck kicked off.

He also released his solo album Spontaneous on December 1 2015, together with a video Feel the funk produced by Czech Gruz.  His latest production – Noon, also visualized, was released in 2017. During his work on different projects many freestyle scratch videos were made, which you can find on his youtube channel or facebook profile – see the links below. He is still an active music player.

In recent years he’s also released many songs where he collaborated with different artists, such as: Radimo / Madame Pepper, Karaoke Tundra, Gumbgu, Bene / Modré Hory, Delik, Boy Wonder / Boyband, Monika Načeva, Gulos Potrok, Dtonate, Majself, Oliver Love, Plexo, Eremen a Petijee, Prezident Lourajder, John Soulcox, Lkama, etc. Beside these one-time projects he also worked on a bigger ones, such as:

Audio graffiti 1 and Audio graffiti 2 – release of two compilations of Slovak scratches
Samoobsluha – collaboration on first Slovak DJ tool by Karaoke Tundra
Biotrick – collaborative EP with Biomat, first scratch work in this corner of Europe
Pohádky z kumbálu – scratches on the whole album by artist called 31
TM rekorc rmxtape – recorded a mixtape for a local label
Unfairy tales – part of a project Visegrad Masala, with artists from Visegrad Four and recorded EP. Traveled and performed in all V4 countries
Trafność spostrzeżeń – scratched on the entire album of Polish MC Hooltai