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Biotrick EP

No programing… All tracks produced from scratch.

For a long time the guys have been preparing privately in their laboratories a medium of a world quality level. The EP’s 100% scratch-containing tracklist ends with the serial number 8. Hardware used: Loop Station BOSS RC-50, turntables and mix. Skills used: all available. This is the first ever domestic achievement of this nature that has ever been ripen in our country.

3CK said to the sole creation: “There was a loop with three, four feet (beatcutting, atmo, melodies, sound effects etc.) at the beginning When the other one got impressed by it we started to develop the track. We have talked about the idea of how it should sound like (structure, where to put scratches, where and what wordcuts should we put in it, what atmosphere do we want to reach). It’s all in English because this language is an universal “gramophone” language and we didn’t want to limit us just for the domestic pond with Slovak language. We have sent each track in freestyle to each other several times. Some of them maybe 10 times until both of us were satisfied with it. Except of a few details we have agreed on everything so we are satisfied with the outcome.”

So we are, and what about you?

1. Biotrick
2. Drunk dial
3. Neon Quotes
4. Storyboard
5. Practice Hours
6. Battle Breaks
7. A Message
8. Cityboy Outside pt.2