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Prezident Lourajder – Úrad

Prezident Lourajder started work on this material very early after his first release called Inauguration. Two years later he replace this debut and remix EP by full-fledged album titled Úrad (Office). Compared to old stuff new album has richer program = guest list. Verbal acrobatics on the microphone is artfully completed by the “Beatniks” and the legendary local accordionist.

There also comes a limited edition on CD artistically tuned huge booklet, so that is something to look forward for collectors of physical copies. After one year we released special 2LP but they are already SOLD OUT.

1. Poďme piť (Emil na beate)
2. Ideálny prezident + Idea, Dj Fatte (Emil na beate)
3. P.V.P.F. (Emil na beate)
4. Mladík s dušou starca (Ujko na beate)
5. Prežil som + 3CK (Ujko na beate)
6. Čierna duša + Tono S & Eremen (Ujko na beate)
7. Kontra (Emil na beate)
8. Lord + Eremen, Mc Gey, 3CK (Emil na beate)
9. Chceš / kúp (Emil na beate)
10. Druhý kamarát (Peko na beate)
11. Kufor (Karaoke Tundra na beate)
12. Papier od doktora (Inphy na beate)
13. Parapet + Erich Boboš Procházka (Ujko na beate)
14. Tritry (Emil na beate)
15. Derniéra + Erich Boboš Procházka (Ujko na beate)
16. Vzduch sa opäť varí (Ujko na beate)
17. Účastnícky diplom (Ujko na beate)
18. Choď spať (Emil na beate)