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Eremen & Petijee – Únikový východ

Únikový východ is a rap album, a tangible piece of production from Prešov recorded in studios of capital Bratislava. Twelve guests, twelve songs, twelve portions of well thought rap without a plan – from these men. Eremen – responsible for irresponsible lyrics, Petijee – subscribed under unsubscribed beats.

Together with them one vocalist, three guys behind the turntables, eight behind the microphone and four of them fit into one track. All together on one album covered with the Prešov´s steam and nice and playfull cover from Hazi. Digital version also has a bonus in form of all instrumental versions so you can absolutely enjoy the experience. Or just buy a CD version and listen it.

1. Zabijak
2. Ostávam + 3CK
3. Život + Tina Knapé
4. Počúvam + Idea, 3CK
5. Vektory + Seiz
6. Cibuľa + Barny
7. Ignore
8. Tak fajn + Tina Knapé
9. Tu + Marek 6,59
10. Nevyspytateľní + Luzer, Lyrik, BoyWonder, Osemskij
11. Vitaj
12. V rámci možností + Oua
13. Zabijak (instrumental)
14. Ostávam (instrumental)
15. Život (instrumental)
16. Počúvam (instrumental)
17. Vektory (instrumental)
18. Cibuľa (instrumental)
19. Ignore (instrumental)
20. Tak fajn (instrumental)
21. Tu (instrumental)
22. Nevyspytateľní (instrumental)
23. Vitaj (instrumental)
24. V rámci možností (instrumental)