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Duhan – Back to the future

The main idea of the project is based on sampling of old swing, funk and soul. In contrast with modern electronics and mostly old school hiphop beats may gives the impression as if the listener was transformed back to the future. Music for the streets with mostly instrumental character. Collaborations by domestic scratchers and one guest from Germany. Also there is rap symbolically straight from New York plus Serbian mc Škaba is among the most respected Balkans rapper.

Album was released as limited edition of 12-inch transparent vinyl dubplate (not acetate!). Thick PVC transparent outer sleeve. Right now are all of copies sold out.

1. So Good – Bye (Intro)
2. Sound of Swing + 3ck
3. Crush a Bit
4. City Wine + Mc Rebel Lee
5. Sused + Dj Spinhandz & Strapo
6. Dirty Smoker + Dj Nobodi da vinylst
7. Just Stop + Dj Vec
8. One Love + Martin Ďurdina (RIP) & Maretta
9. Robijaši + Škabo
10. Hope Too + Dj Ykve
11. City Streets + Nora Ibsenova
12. Love Child (Outro) + 3ck