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Duhan – United Gravity

 “Actually this album is a kind of “liberation” from sampling for me. Most of the music is composed by hardware tools: Nord Electro3, Novation Mininova and Native Machine or by the acoustic instruments of the guests themselves.”

It is a connection of artists from different worlds, environments and styles whose would not be able to musically cooperate otherwise. However, United Gravity is not a compilation but fully-featured album. Compared to his previous outputs, this album is characterized by diverse acoustic instruments and by more modern sound with preservation of old-school feeling. It can be classified under genres trip-hop and electronic, with funk, soul and jazz tint in it. Despite the various guest artists, this album brings Duhan’s signature style.

The author managed the production and mix by himself. Dobroslav Studio and Gaex did the mastering. The album United Gravity was released on May 1st 2018 and it’s available on all digital platforms as well as a vinyl.

Marek Cina created the whole visualization of the album; the graphics of each track is a part of the complete collage of the cover.