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Pkrek – Ariesynth

It’s been exactly 4 years since album Blízke Stretnutie was released and today the producer of Myjava is releasing another one. The meaning of the title Ariesynth symbolizes a musical instrument dominating in the sound of eventual opus. It is naturally dark as author’s entire work.

“I’ve spent exactly 4 years putting together inspiration, feelings, skills, experiences, acquaintances and hw gear to finish this album. As stubborn Aries, I was trying to make all the tracks by myself without using  already produced tunes / samples. 90% of the tracks are composed with hw synthesizers and 10% with sw plugins. To put all together I was helped by the musicians, producers and tablists, who I’m grateful for their will and enthusiasm…”

An important guest from Czech republic is Moimir Papalescu. “An electronic music titan in CZ/SK, an expert of synthesizers and analoglover, who has made several music projects.” The other musicians are a duo Cabaret Noir Combo, producer Karaoke Tundra and multi-instrumentalist Marian Jaslovsky. A Scratch, in other words “turntablism” is performed by a Czech master – Dj Flux (Trouble Team). Slovakia’s top skills are represented by a fella from label – 3ck.

Another master is a producer with fascinating handwriting and table skills – Trenato. The last but not least is a famous actress and singer from theater Sklep Monika Načeva who has rave in her blood, followed by producer called Tru5tm3 known as HU for older generation. Today he produces songs that are oriented more on broader spectrum of electronic and experimental music. We believe that in spite of darker and slower rhythm this album will hit its fans.

This album is released in digital form and also as limited record.

1. Meow in the club feat. Tentato
2. Chlad feat. Prezident Lourajder, Načeva & 3ck
3. Star riders feat. Gruzo
4. Paralyzer feat. DjFlux
5. Synthymn
6. Timeless Journey feat. Moimir Papalescu
7. For a few coins feat. Ljut (Fatkit)
8. Leadership
9. We never die feat. Cabaret Noir Combo
10. The truth feat. Tru5tM3
11. Empty house