He is a designer, DJ as well as a music producer who likes sculptures. And graphic design… He can often be seen either as one of the DJ duo Emonoizboyz or hitting MPC in Prezident Lourjader project. Everything what Emil does isn’t very easy to describe. However, all the projects he works on are somehow linked so we can also see that Emil is obviously a great team player. He also applies his creative skills on a new project called street art PEKPEK crew. Emil and Osem have allegedly known each other since elementary school and together they got from graffiti and street art to big wall paintings. Emonoizboyz were also connected thru street art… and turntables. This DJ and producer duo, namely Emil and Andrej, has been formed since 2006. After DJ beginnings and some other mixtapes, a debut EP Strangers Around Here was released in 2011. Since that time VJ Sicknico, who is in charge of visual part of their DJ performances, joined the duo. Later cooperation with Beyuz – project Daily habits resulted into two producer albums. As a solo, Emil released an EP Mesolime in 2013, which was followed by a beat tape Autoreverz released under Czech post-label in 2016.