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Prezident Lourajder – Druhé Remixy

This release is a spontaneous continuation of PRVÉ REMIXY (First remixes) from 2014, which were released after debut EP Inaugurácia (Inaguartion). After 2 years the album Úrad (The office) has come so the second remixes are a logical up-date of the “office tracks”, which are spiced up with fresh sound somewhere between electronic, hip-hop, funk and ambient music.

The difference between these two albums is that the second is richer in program = the list of guests. Some of the songs are repeating, the approach of particular remix makers was completely different and the selection of the song was absolutely free. Diverse combination of artists offers a possible interpretation: “what if”…

Esso helped to master the sound and for the nice editing of the original album cover are responsible the main protagonists Emil and Ormos. Thank you all for joining.

1. Papier od doktora (Batcha De Mental RMX)
2. Lord + Eremen & MC Gey (Petijee RMX)
3. Parapet (Pkrek + Marian Jaslovsky RMX)
4. Derniéra (Emil RMX)
5. Druhý kamarát (Kazimír Zvonec RMX)
6. Mladík s dušou starca (Karaoke Tundra RMX)
7. P.V.P.F. (MC Gey RMX)
8. Ideálny prezident (Esso RMX)
9. Vzduch sa opäť varí (Martin Tvrdý aka Bonus RMX)
10. Čierna duša + Tono S & Eremen (Ujko Emil RMX)
11. Kufor (Ujko aka PLou RMX)
12. Účastnícky diplom (Emil RMX)
13. Derniéra (Tentato RMX)
14. Lord + Eremen & MC Gey (Majstro RMX)
15. P.V.P.F. (Future Sound of Petrzalka RMX)
16. Parapet (Mobius RMX)
17. Vzduch sa opäť varí (Joseph Rush aka Eremen RMX)
18. Kufor (Casi Cada Minuto RMX)
19. Lord + Eremen (Dead Janitor RMX)