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Urban Traffic Compilation

Today’s bustling time is felt particularly in towns and big cities. The urban transport plays a key role when walking through the public space and individual parts of the city. In various cities in Europe and in the world it has a different form and structure, a site-specific role in order to satisfy the local population. In different cities you can find different types and designs of public transport vehicles which gives the city features and a “face”.

What differs the city and its public transport from others is not the specific type of vehicles and their technical concept, but more the visual aspect. Traffic signs, pictograms as the form of navigation, the marking of each lines, local transport company logo and its application on vehicles – simply the graphic design. The audiovisual project Metropola of Lukáš Jakubis works with its image in the local transport network of Bratislava. He processed this theme as his diploma work at the Department of Visual Communication at The Academy of Fine Arts. The aim was to capture the color and the atmosphere of transport in a concrete city, in the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava. The output of the habilitation were pictures, video, book and a music compilation.

Recordings of various industrial sounds of vehicles, ticket punchers, announcements at stations and other sounds present in the transport process composed the inital, starting material which wandered to various music producers. The result is a rich audio journey with twelve stops. Like the changing atmosphere in the vehicle on every new stop with different number of people getting on or getting off, the atmosphere of each new song is changing, too. So get on the “Metropolis” line and take a ride through virtual city to the final stop.

CD was produced in limited quantity and therefore after the mutual agreement the compilation will continue to spread through the inet project under the auspices of ajlávmjuzik. In the content there is also a print PDF cover, unlike the CD, this version offers except of the songs – stops also the sound bank. With this we offer them for everybody for processing. Like with the previous “medium” here as well we encourage the free enhancement and creation. ajlávmjuzik plays …

1. Casi Cada Minuto
2. Stroon
3. Ujko
4. Indianapolis
5. Emilee
6. Karaoke Tundra
7. Batcha Demental
8. Trib
9. Zaz Ras
10. Part
11. Asebest
12. Stix