DJ, turntablist and producer. He’s been playing with the turntables for more than ten years; and been a fan of UK sound for a long time. Today besides hip hop you can find anything in his sets. The Biotrick 2011 album came up from a collaboration of Biomat with 3CK. It was the first time that a gramophone was presented as a full-featured instrument on a Slovak record.

Two years later Biomat’s solo album entitled Montáž followed, where 3CK collaborated on one of eleven tracks. They were created only by using the BOSS RC-50 loop station, gramophone, mixer and Biomat’s talented hands connected to the creative mind. The album came in both digital and special vinyl releases. The limited edition contained a song – Závan mŕtvych hračiek; and the vinyl looked like a postcard.

Since then he has released several collaborations. He continues with djing, where he combines melody with a technical scratch and a sense of selection.