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UNDO – 151822

Project UNDO … unknow name, supported by numeric code 151822 as the name of the release. The clue is hidden in music itself and it says „Instrumental EP“.

Three bedroom producers (Slot, Part, Trib) from the same town Prievidza, Slovakia put their skills together into one project. The result is contains more 45 minutes of music in 11 tracks.

Undo was a little gift for our 1st birthday.

1. Intro
2. Mash Up The Manacles
3. Nightsniffer
4. Pete Balco
5. Abysmetonestratili 1.1
6. Abysmetonestratili 2.1
7. Gordon Freeman
8. Little Natty Lion
9. Rawson
10. Hipici su zlo
11. Roasheen