Petijee is a beatmaker, solo and team player from Prešov, who is known by his real name as Peter Urbanec. His musical acts are released under the wings of record labels Humble Grooves and ajlavmjuzik. Together with Eremen, they have also taken care of his album Uníkový východ, released in June 2014. As a solo producer he has committed more acts. One of them was the single Killing Time Drinkin Wine in November 2013 followed by EP named T.O.F, released one year later, which also contains a song Cink with Biomat.

In 2015 as a participant,he attended Red Bull Music Academy Basscamp, where the song Perplexed was made together with Ešli (The High Corporation), Rezeň (Walter Schnitzelsson) and GLGN. In 2016 Petijee was selected by Czech Dtonate as one of the top Slovaks who made a remix of the single Amaze Me as well as FVLCRVM, Stratasoul and Aceman.

His debut album Soul Paper Scissors was released on February 2 2017 and its vinyl version is sold out. The album and its outstanding single About love feat. Miles Bonny is on the top. Petijee performs as a DJ (he plays sets and his own songs) as well as together with a band Space Cats.