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Stratasoul – Luvly Isles Bonus

5 producers, 5 remixes, 1 music experience.

Stratasoul debuted with his album Luvly Isles at the end of 2012. With atmospheric story absorbed into sound positions floating like a clouds above the mysterious place. Positive domestic and foreign feedback even magnified the nominations on RHA awards of Radio_FM and the release of the 7” vinyl Luvly Isles/Tribes.

There´s an imaginary dot over the conclusion of one saga and it´s the “remix EP” to which Stratasoul adds “I spoke to fellow producers from surrounding who I met on my musical way. That´s how this collection of different musical views was created.”

The material aged long enough and it eventually affects the album only partially. That´s why it´s just not a typical remix album but it is more like a BONUS for fans. Enjoy…

1. Stratasoul – Lovesigh (Gruzo Remix)
2. Stratasoul – Luvly Isles (Ink Midget Remix)
3. Stratasoul – Ayure (Dtonate Remix)
4. Stratasoul – Growlphins (Karaoke Tundra Remix)
5. Stratasoul – Lovesigh (Abby Lee Tee Remix)