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KomandeReset EP

1 producer, 5 songs, 5 DJs, 5 MCs. The cover was painted and graphically processed by Skunk. Music and also rap was mixed by Komander and Dobroslav Studio took care of the mastering. On behalf of authors, publishing and mostly of fans there should be included thank you to all concerned, therefore thank you…

The track Pominuteľnosť has been chosen as the single, where Reset also Delik, Majself, Zverina and Luzer met on the mic. „Veteran” Branči Kováč still proves that he’s sufficiently functional with his scratches. Never ceases to set the pace and inspire. Well done, we are looking forward to the album.

As you may see on the tracklist except of mentioned Vec there contributed also 3ck, Spinhandz, Spank and Veritas. The label TM Rekorc is pondering on release of a limited edition together with a new collection of t-shirts. Tracks had premiere at the broadcast of BezPózy_FM.

KomandeReset EP was nominated for Radio Head Awards 2011 in category hiphop & r´n´b.

1. Úvod (skrečuje DJ Veritas)
2. Dvojka (skrečuje 3ck)
3. Jedna nadáfka (skrečuje DJ Spinhandz)
4. Neverím (skrečuje DJ Spank) 03:04
5. Pominutelnosť feat. Delik, Majself, Zverina, Luzer (skrečuje DJ Vec)