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Daily Habits (Conducted by BEYUZ and EMIL)

The new album from two beatmaker´s workshop includes 45 minutes of pure instrumental production. There´s 20 audio tracks in production of Beyuz and Emil which have been shared by artists fairly 10/10. Their common work is called Daily Habits and came out on CD in limited edition 100pcs. The physical CD´s are unfortunately already sold out so there´s a room for spreading in digital form.

This album is very pleasant to listen to, mainly when you´re a fan of samples and instrumental music. The whole project is a recording of about half year work and songs that had stayed in the drawer of both producers right for this occasion.

1. Moccachino Kyanid
2. Place Tobee
3. M-Bop
4. Hard To Say
5. Pán v klobúku
6. Masquerade Two
7. Loopdigga + Dj Vec
8. Stojka
9. Original Nebo
10. Midnight Hour
11. Jedna aha
12. Kid
13. Hustle
14. Hit Me Up
15. Follow My Cadillac
16. Putovanie lastovičky
17. What Do I Do
18. Sara
19. Balada
20. Amazed