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Audio Graffiti 2

International (scratch) compilation…

We venture to paraphrase ourselves and write the following statement: Turntablism in Slovakia is an increasingly popular sport. With this we allude to the text which we published together with the first turntablism compilation Audio Graffiti. When our good friend DJ 3CK said that the second runover will be an advancement we were skeptical. What could he surprise us with, we thought. Today we know it.

The progress from a purely Slovak „sandbox“ is a significant plus. The boundaries were stretched. The list of the states rejoices us: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Great Britain. And what about overall quality? Everyone has to judge this by himself. But we know that the progress was made here, too. In conclusion a big public THANK YOU for realization not only to 3CK but to all participants who put their „little“ contribution to the grand result. This goes also to Nabis for the (how else) themed cover. And I forgot to add that this is the tenth title.

1. Dj 3CK – Opening
2. Dj Alyaz – TwinTurbo (produced by Ondryk + Cruchot)
3. Dj Kalif – The First
4. Biomat – Showreel 2k10
5. Shutcoo – Tres Porros
6. Dj 3CK – Dusty Note (produced by Krek)
7. Djane Supet – Rough Experience
8. 33 Funk – Sneak Attack (remix)
9. Dj Veritas – Morbid (produced by Neuro)
10. Dj Sven – Jeb Ma Ty Pica (Ak Niesi Moja)
11. Dj Nula – Prvy Druhy Treti Stvrty
12. 33 Funk – Haze Legacy
13. Gavin Sense – Ill Wind
14. Biomat & Brona Schraggeova – City Boy Outside
15. Jimmy Penguin – Ehh Oh! (Skratch)
16. Chinch 33 – Nevele
17. Dj Spank – Inter(k)lud
18. Dj Spinhandz – Alekdeze (produced by Grazzel)