Prague beatmaker with his instrumental album. Claviq is a post-revolutionary child, born in 1989.

He has always had a positive attitude to music, which has also been reflected in his own productions. He attended a school choir. The list of genres and even his sense of music is totally mad. So it’s difficult to pigeonhole him. In the beginning, he mixed old jungle tracks with soul, jazz, or rap. From regular rap beats, he eventually switched to downtempo, experimental triphop. Later he discovered a love for dubstep, wonky, juke, etc.

“I like dirty sound with strange beats, and Lo-fi Life is another story about his passion. There are a few samples of my piano on the album. Besides that, there aren’t many live instruments. It’s mostly about sampling,” he said about the Claviq album.

NEW BEATS ON THE BLOCK is a beat series where 5 local newcomers will present their work during the year. Every 2 months we release a digital album of another “band member”. The central theme of the cover is “a block” in the city of a particular artist. The cherry on the top will be a common LP sampler of the tracks.

Foto: Peter Sit
Logo & Cover: Martin Mistrík
Mix & Master: Gargle & Expel