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VELVET SKY – I Will Not Buy This Record

Kazimir Zvonec and his crew (also known as Velvet Sky), have decided after years in hiding to open itself to the world. The spot of their first contact has become the internet label Ajlavmjuzik where their album “I Will Not Buy This Record” is being released. Velvet Sky relies on good re-mixed samples of some nu-jazz, disco-house and downtempo style. And partialy also on the fact you don’t need to buy it, just as it is mentioned in both its title and cover. So feel free to download the album from the label’s web. Of course for free. You can’t say no to that, do you?

1. I Will Not Buy This Record (It Is Scratched)
2. Hayes House
3. Kleine Träumerei
4. Sunday Tea Party
5. Oldskuulzeit
6. Jazzing By Alphabet
7. Barbiturik Blues
8. You And You (Interlude)
9. You And You (Karaoke Of Marvin Gaye)
10. Moving On
11. Beats Of Leisure
12. Foggy
13. Not Optimistic (Monštrum OST)
14. Felix, The End, The Beginning