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Stratasoul – Luvly Isles

Imagine a world where the old records after your grand parents meets electronic music. Imagine the sound area´s tour that reflects moves and dynamics od the city. Imagine the most present music.

The debut of Stratasoul – Luvly Isles could be released by any of the world´s label. That´s why we are so proud to introduce it on ours. Enjoy the music message in the bottle from the island which has been for the last year ocuupied by the modest performer with a big heart.

Beautiful artwork was created by alicagurinova.sk special for 7″ record Luvly Isles/Tribes but now is sold out.

1. Luvly Isles
2. Lovesigh
3. Tribes
4. Dedlajny (feat. Bene)
5. Dedlajny (Instrumental)
6. MahAgony
7. Shmantasies
8. Teenglitterz
9. Maybees
10. Alllbegood