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Krok Spet – Poďme! 2013

Krok Spet is a group from Banská Bystrica (middle Slovakia) with members: Neznámy Interpret ( Unknown Interpret), Boco Benjamen, Dj Wailo and Diamant. The group has musicians to work with on multi genre projects. They are most influented by funk and soul, considering this music as timeless. Therefore they are using the old elements of black culture wearing it into the pure sound. They believe that the music of the old genres in new electronic form is not a step back but the view into the future.

The album was released in a CD form. Neznamy Interpret has invited many acoustic musicians and guests on microphone. 15 musicians fullfills the sampled beats or plays completely live music. The album offers 9 various collaborations also from Cuba or Jamaica. Together 26 people from different parts of the musical spectrum has collaborated on it. Together more that 61 minutes of music.

As a bonus you can download the album instrumental selection.

Martin Číž – Bass
Zdeno Ružička – El.guitar
Erik Knižka – Synth
Michaela Turcerova – Saxophone
Bohuš Bínovský – Trumpet-B/El.guitar
Samuel Hromada – Drums
Radaslav Pustaj – Clarinet
Jozef Schnier – Trombone
Jakub Benačka – Synth/El.guitar
Mgr. Peter Špilák – Orchestra
Babyluzaru (Michal Náhlovský) – Percussion
Adrian Bosco Plaza Carrillo – Acoustic guitar/Vocals
Mario Leon Herrera – Percussion/Vocals
Richard Gašperán – Synth
Natalie Dongová – Synth/Vocals

Guests on mic:
Ice Cold/Kingston/Jamaica
Moloch Vlavo/Bratislava
Špeker/Banská Bystrica
Adrian Bosco Plaza Carrillo/Cuba
Mario Leon Herrera/Cuba

1. Intro
2. Znova spet
3. Nočný záťah 2 feat. Moloch Vlavo, Rétos
4. Spomínam
5. Se mi musica feat. Adrian Bosco Plaza Carrillo, Mario Leon Herrera
6. Strach
7. Jedna krv
8. Bodaj by feat. Ice Cold, Špeker, Majself, Plexo
9. Benjamen
10. Chlípna
11. Poďme
12. Neznamy Interpret
13. Sú dni keď sa nedarí feat. Špeker
14. Poďme pozabúdať
15. Outro
16. Benjamen (instrumental)
17. Chlípna (instrumental)
18. Jedna krv (instrumental)
19. Lil PabloRoc (instrumental)
20. Outro (instrumental)
21. Poďme (instrumental)
22. Spomínam (instrumental)
23. Sú dni keď sa nedarí (instrumental)