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KOMANDER – Come Underground

Grazzel aka Commander aka music gangsta from Štúrovo city is in the “rap game” for a quite long time. At his young age he has already cooperated with less and more reputable artists. He is a member of the groups called Invázia and Kruscifix.

Come Underground is an instrumental album composed mostly of hip-hop trueschool beats. During the production he also tasted slower rhythms which match with trip-hop better. The aim was to make an album “without barriers” that one can listen to anywhere and anytime.

And the message? YOU MUST LEARN!

1. D
2. O
3. N
4. T
5. F
6. *
7. U
8. C
9. K
10. W
11. I
12. T
13. H
14. U
15. S
16. !
17. !!
18. !!!