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Karaoke Tundra & Dj Spinhandz – Kačica s hlavou tigra

We originally released this musical opus as ArtAttack label in 2007 just in the form of CD. Even after years it didn’t lost anything from actuality and it´s concept is still slaughtering a many of the local production.

That is the reason why we made a decision resurrect it after years again and write him down to official catalogue of our music label. Again to give it the soul and introduce to listeners, who maybe never heard it before. Of course we could speak also about the wrong quality in which somebody put it on internet in the past.

A couple of engineers Karaoke Tundra and DJ Spinhandz are well known not only in professional circles, but also between laics. After hardly two years of works in secret and secure lab they decided to publish shocking results of their bold genetic experiments.

Especially in case of complicated and dangerous things assisted them other scientific capacities as: Supa, Dtonate, Idea, DJ AKA, Berezin, Kaidžas, Abe, Lyrik, Strapo, DJ Vec, Monika Načeva, Gulos Potrok, DJ Opia etc. Except of exclusive posts, this extremely addicted sound material contains genetic blends and mash ups.

1. Intro (Produkcia/scratch DJ Opia)
2. Strapo – Kačica s hlavou tigra (produkcia Karaoke Tundra)
3. Ileggal Communacation – 4sure / Beyonce ft. JayZ – Deja Vu (acapella)
4. Autechre – Recury / Eminem – Without me (acapella) / Eminem – Without me
5. Neznámy Interpret – Vizaut mi
6. Berezin – Boľše čem (produkcia Abe)
7. Idea – Marie, dej mi čaj (produkcia Dtonate)
8. Strapo – Aspirin (produkcia Karaoke Tundra)
9. DJs Opia, Hlavolam, Maztah, Vec, Aka, Lucco – Toto je skreč part1
10. DJ Spinhandz – Toto je skreč part2 (produkcia Dtonate)
11. SEdláci – Epizóda 90501: klony útočááá (produkcia Karaoke Tundra)
12. Monika Načeva – Jiná žena (produkcia Karaoke Tundra)
13. Kaidžas – Povedz (produkcia Masaka)
14. The Prodigy – Poison / Busta Rhymes – Dangerous (acapella)
15. Bluermutt – Pink & black umbrellas / Suzanne Vega – Tom´s dinner
16. Marvin Gaye – Sexual healing / Druhá strana – Sprav ma / Ying Yang Twins – Wait
17. Kris Kross – Jump (instrumental) / Grani – Alkogoliki (acapella)
18. Prestávka (skit)
19. Supa – Merde (produkcia Karaoke Tundra)
20. Peťo Tázok – Frank n Stein (produkcia Karaoke Tundra)
21. Dtonate – Mnoho podob / Crystal Waters – Gypsy woman / TTC – Le Chant Des Hommes
22. Missy Elliot ft. Ciara – Loose control / Vampyros Lesbos – Kamasutra / Elastica – Connection
23. Lyrik – Pasta fondue (produkcia Karaoke Tundra)
24. Afrika Bambaata – Just get up and dance (Mash-up)
25. Gulos Potrok – Mutant (produkcia Karaoke Tundra)
26. Mark One – Rage / Ememvoodoopöká – Hřiby (acapella)
27. Side9000 – Dark continent / Lady Sovereign – Chi Ching (acapella)
28. DJ Spinhandz – Akože Djs (Outro)