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Godot – Ťa čaká v izbe

Godot is waiting you in a room. Much saying and a partly symbolic name is hiding as the author as the name of the album and a revelation of Godot’s secret.

The Album is some “flat“, which a listener can go through as one wishes. Whether one decides for entering and spending a time in one room, or free walk from one room to the other and finally behind the door. Every room has its own atmosphere, so each person can find their favorite mood. Mind activists and those tired of world can relax in a ROOM OF DEEP THINKING AND RELAX. Those, in which a part of child is, can happily join the ROOM OF HAPPINESS AND JOY. And finally people wanting for ego grow and to gain a self-confidence should enter the ROOM OF POWER AND SELF-CONFIDENCE.

01. Keepit dvere

Izba hlbokeho myslenia a oddychu
01. Alchemi mind
02. Pionier vlani
03. Koudelko
04. Loutkaar
05. Siroky pojem
06. Our evening
07. Migratino
08. Lower bower
09. Pantomime
10. Trippin
11. My love

Izba Radosti a hravosti
01. Psycho texas
02. Kuchi kuchi
03. Spent on me
04. Jexpac
05. Akokolvek nedostupna nahravka
06. Dunajsky crackhead
07. Blazninec jeah
08. Meet Scatman
09. Cukrik ze dakujem
10. Beee uu
11. Fishing

Izba Sily a sebadovery
01. Intro style maan
02. Listen to papa
03. What would i dooooo
04. Ochutnaj moj ziiaaaaaal
05. Promise
06. Follow me
07. Forever with the beats
08. Dotyky
09. Sajk trek pianooo
10. Life with u
11. Ja ja jaa
12. Vies ma liecit
13. Just dy other day

Za dverami
01. Daj ze teeem