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Beyuz – Organika

Welcome to La Planeta Organika, the place where man meets nature. Inspired by Hanya Yanagihara`s novel The People in the Trees, Beyuz takes you to a hidden fantasy place where undiscovered civilizations live on and thrive. Electronic “Earth” beats mixed with tribal & hypnotic grooves are served as a compact audio voyage. Ideal for those who are willing to explore new musical adventures. Organika is full of bizzare obstacles and species we have never met, but who lure us toward them. Sit back and open your ears: you have just landed.

The sequel of an instrumental saga named Organika is similar to previous release Lounge Life in many ways. The new album was preceded by two videos. The video for the first single Paulina’s lament was shot by Števo Kurilla. The second single video Tropický sen was animated solely by Slavo Turanec. It has been released digitally and as a limited edition vinyl opus too. The cover was graphically processed by MtotheG. He got inspired by a Ludmila Machova’s painting from the series Denatura (2016) which has become the main theme of Organika album.