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Beyuz – Lounge Life

… is a collection of songs which the author produced as a remedy for the body, mind and soul of the listener. Only 18 minutes are suggesting an atmosphere of a never-ending trip. Or maybe you will enjoy the EP in a chill out mood. The music lets the listeners flow their fantasy and emotions to all directions.

“I’m trying to go within the concept so each song will take the listener to different place with different atmosphere. However it still keeps the calm and space for fantasy. This is Lounge Life for me.” Beyuz comments his current release.

There are two videos as a foretoken of the whole music concept. The first one is Delivery – acted, direct by Štefan Kurilla and the other one Cafeteria – animated, drawn and moved by Tomáš Rybár. One of the guests on the EP is the atmospheric saxophone of Marián Jaslovský. The cover was created in a family atmosphere within the label when Bejči’s lomo photo was nicely enriched by MtotheG.