We would like to introduce you a new track from Beyuz’ audio workshop. The track is called Paulina’s Lament and it continues there, where Delivery has ended. It’s a first taste of a new coming CD, which has been announced since the release of Lounge life. After last year nomination for Radio Head Award in the category: The best electronic recording of the year, Bejči is back, harder than ever and we are looking forward to the results.

“The song was made when I was in post-traumatic condition, few days after my surgery. I was under the strong medicine, which on the other hand, broadened my horizons haha…”

The first single was done by author’s “principal cameraman” and a friend Števo Kurilla. Both of them also supervise the visuals of the songs. So how the story with the mysterious suitcase continues, watch it and find out.

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